MAKE Skincare - Natural with a Kick.

Aloe Vera
  • Well known for its healing and soothing properties, Aloe vera is anti-inflammatory and antiseptic. It stimulates repair while rejuvenating and invigorating the skin. We use aloe vera in all our creams.
Apricot Kernel Oil
  • Apricot oil is a gentle, moisturising oil that is suitable for sensitive, dry and mature skin. It is readily absorbed and enhances the skin's elasticity. It is used in our face and body creams and body oil.
Argan Oil
  • Argan oil is referred to as liquid gold because of its beneficial qualities for the skin. As well as being high in linoleic acid which helps reduce inflammation it is softening and healing, helping to restore the skin’s hydro - lipid layer and protect against the signs of ageing. All our body creams use 25% argan oil for its nourishing qualities.
Avocado Oil
  • Avocado oil is rich in antioxidants that help heal damaged skin. Nourishing and intensely moisturising, it penetrates deep into the epidermis so is particularly good for very dry skin and for use after sun exposure. We use avocado oil in all our body products for its intense moisture and the velvety feel it gives the skin.
  • Beeswax forms a protective layer on the skin as it is not absorbed, thereby helping to retain the skin’s moisture. It is especially good for use in hand creams as it helps protect against the elements and provide a natural barrier on the skin. We use it in all of our hand creams.
  • Bisabolol is derived from chamomile and has been used on the skin for hundreds of years for its healing and soothing properties. It is anti-irritant, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial.
Black Pepper Essential Oil
  • Black pepper is a warming oil with an exotic spicy fragrance. It is often used in products for arthritis and rheumatism as it helps increase the circulation.
Champaca Flower Absolute
  • A sacred Indian flower with an aphrodisiac fragrance. The main component of the most costly perfume in the world Joy, it is also an excellent moisturiser and skin rejuvenator. We combine champaca flower with sandalwood and vanilla to create a distinctive and alluring scent.
Cocoa Butter
  • Cocoa butter is a classic skincare ingredient which is high in antioxidants, helping protect the skin against free radical damage as well as being a deeply hydrating moisturiser because of its high fatty acid content. We use cocoa butter in our body creams in conjunction with shea butter.
Geranium Absolute
  • Geranium absolute helps oxygenate the skin and keep it supple. It functions as an astringent which means it makes the skin, tissues and blood vessels contract, therefore tightening the skin. It also stimulates cellular regeneration encouraging dead cells to be recycled and new cells to be created therefore making the skin appear more radiant and fresh. It can help with scarring and age spots to create a clearer, healthier skin.
  • Glycerine is a humectant. It absorbs water from the air and helps keep the skin moist.
Hyaluronic Acid
  • Often referred to as the fountain of youth, hyaluronic acid is one of the chief components of the skin matrix and what gives the skin its volume and fullness. It can attract from 600 to 1000 times its own weight in water so it plumps the skin and gives it volume, increases skin smoothness and improves wrinkles. In short, it is an excellent skin moisturiser and one of the most valued and effective anti-ageing ingredients for skincare. It is also thought to increase the production of collagen, keeping the skin firm and plump. Hyaluronic acid is used in significant amounts in both our face creams, Face Rejuvenate and Face Smooth.
Jojoba Oil
  • Jojoba oil is actually a liquid wax and is high in omega 7 and 9. It forms a fine layer on the skin which protects against the elements and water loss as well as being an excellent moisturiser. We use jojoba in our hand creams.
Kiwi Seed Oil
  • A gentle oil, it is high in omega 3, helping to improve the skin’s condition by protecting against moisture loss and increasing elasticity. Good for rebalancing the skin, repairing damage, reducing scarring and improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Kiwi seed oil is used in our face creams and body oil.
Lavender Essential Oil
  • Lavender has many benefits for the skin. It helps increase blood circulation and is anti-inflammatory, soothing and healing. It is especially good for mature skin when combined with rose. Our pink jars contain this combination: Face Rejuvenate, Body Rejuvenate and Face Glow. It is also antiseptic and anti-fungal so works well in foot products so it is also in our Feet Revive cream.
Lemon Essential Oil
  • Lemon essential oil has a fresh, classic smell, improves the circulation and tightens the skin. We use it in conjunction with lime and lavender in our Feet Revive cream.
Lime Essential Oil
  • Lime essential oil has a bright, zesty and refreshing scent that is sweet yet tart. An invigorating, stimulating, clean-smelling oil, it is perfect for the feet. We use it in our Feet Revive cream along with lavender and lemon.
Linden Blossom
  • Linden blossom absolute is produced from the flower of the Tilia tree, commonly known as the Lime and native to the UK. It helps release tension and puffiness in the face and tones and refreshes the skin. It has a delicious delicate honey-like scent and is particularly recommended for dry or sensitive skin.
Macadamia Nut Oil
  • Macadamia nut oil contains 20% palmitoleic acid which helps maintain the skin’s moisture levels. Naturally occurring in the skin, its production reduces with age so this oil is very good for mature and dry skin. It absorbs slowly taking up to one hour to be fully absorbed. We use it in our face creams.
Moringa Oil
  • Moringa oil is made from the seeds of the Oleifa tree, native to the Himalayas. Used in skin remedies since ancient Egyptian times, it has a high fatty acid and antioxidant content which nourishes and rejuvenates the skin. It penetrates deeply into the epidermis delivering vital nutrients and gives the skin a luminescent glow. Many beauty experts consider moringa oil one of the secrets behind the healthy and radiant skins seen in Africa and Asia. Moringa oil is the main constituent along with rosehip oil in Face Glow.


  • NFF is a natural moisturising factor that helps bind moisture deeper in the epidermis. Includes soya and asparagus extract.

Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil

  • Pink grapefruit essential oil is a bright, fresh-smelling oil that helps reduce cellulite and fluid retention. It is a revitalising and uplifting oil that tones the skin and increases circulation. It also helps ease muscle stiffness so it is a good oil to use after exercise.

Rose Absolute

  • Our rose absolute is made using Moroccan rose petals from Rosa damascena. It is a classic oil for dry and mature skin helping improve wrinkles and broken capillaries. It is nourishing, rejuvenating and restorative and one of the most costly oils due to its production method which uses thousands of rose petals to extract the smallest amount of oil. It is famed for its exquisite scent as well as its beneficial effects on the skin. When combined with lavender, it is particularly suited to mature skin and is found in our pink bottles and jars along with sandalwood essential oil.

Rosehip Oil

  • Rosehip oil has a high level of trans-retinoic acid (a natural vitamin A precursor) and is the only oil to contain this. It helps repair damaged skin and reduce fine lines especially around the eyes and mouth. It is also high in omega 3 and 6 which both help cellular membrane and tissue regeneration, aid elasticity and reduce pore size. Rosehip is considered the best oil for anti-wrinkle products and is particularly good for sensitive skin. This is used in our Face Glow oil.

Sandalwood Essential Oil

  • Sandalwood has more skin-related benefits than almost any other essential oil. It helps soften the skin and restore its ability to retain moisture. Powerfully anti-ageing, it can relieve rashes, inflammation and help scar tissue to fade. It is healing and soothing and has astringent properties meaning it helps firm and tone the skin. We use sandalwood in conjunction with rose and lavender in our pink products as much for its multiple benefits to the skin as its wonderful woody undertone that we feel complements the sweet scent of rose.

Shea Butter

  • Shea butter is often thought to be a superfood for the skin. It protects, moisturises and heals and contains 5 to 10% phytosterol which stimulates cell growth . High levels of fatty acids make it intensely moisturising and regenerative for the skin. We use shea butter in conjunction with cocoa butter and argan oil in our body creams.

Spilanthes Acmella

  • A flower extract that helps restructure, firm and smooth the skin.

Thistle Oil

  • High in fatty acids omega 3 and 6, also known as vitamin K, it helps rebalance the skin and is especially good for reducing large pores. It is a non-greasy, moisturising oil that helps keep the skin supple.

Madagascan Vanilla

  • Vanilla CO2 extract is vanilla in its purest form. It uses one of the most desirable methods of extraction which avoids heating the plant resulting in the most pure vanilla scent, unadulterated by any residual solvents to muddle the fragrance. A soft, smooth, exotic fragrance, it is thought to be an aphrodisiac as well as being calming and soothing.

Vitamin A

  • Vitamin A encourages cell renewal and improves skin elasticity, helping keep it soft and supple and improving the texture. A significant ingredient in the fight against premature ageing and therefore used in Face Rejuvenate and Face Smooth.

Vitamin C

  • Vitamin C is a well known antioxidant that fights damage caused by free radicals. It is also essential for the synthesis of collagen. We use it in our Face Rejuvenate and Face Smooth.

Vitamin E

  • Vitamin E is considered the one of the most important antioxidants in the fight against free radical damage to the skin. Known for its healing properties, it helps maintain healthy collagen and protect against the signs of premature ageing. An anti-inflammatory, it is easily absorbed and moisturising, helping improve the appearance of fine lines as well as scars. Our Face Glow has over 20% vitamin E so is a very healing, restorative oil. We use vitamin E in a majority of our products.

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

  • Ylang ylang is a good oil for irritated skin as it has a balancing effect on both dry and oily skin. It is also thought to be an aphrodisiac and has an alluring, exotic scent.