MAKE Skincare - Natural with a kick.

MAKE Skincare philosophy

Founded by Mary Temperley, MAKE Skincare provides luxurious natural products using only the finest quality ingredients available. On discovering that many skincare products are not quite what they say they are and that they often contain a multitude of dubious ingredients, Mary decided the only way to guarantee the quality of the products she used was to make them herself. At MAKE, we believe that just as we care about what we eat, we should also place the same importance on what we put on our skin. We use only the finest natural ingredients available. 

Our Products

At MAKE skincare we offer a range of luxurious natural creams and oils which are tailor-made for specific areas of the body.  Founder Mary Temperley creates all MAKE products  by hand in a converted barn tucked away in South Somerset, England. Lovingly made in small batches, they are created from scratch using a wide array of exotic oils and plant-derived ingredients.

Each product is made with attention to detail and knowledge of the individual qualities and mutually beneficial actions  of the ingredients, making sure the products are nourishing and easily absorbed and actually work.

This year we are growing and distilling  lavender to use in the products. The picture on the left shows founder Mary along with two of her three sons harvesting the first crop of lavender. The oil will be ready at the end of 2016.


Our ingredients are sourced from an ethical supplier who spends much of the time travelling the world searching for the best essential oils and natural products. Our emulsifiers are food grade, staying in line with the MAKE philosophy of knowing that what you apply to your skin is safe enough to eat. It is a shocking fact that many ingredients used into today's skincare are classified as toxic and banned for use in the food industry and yet they are able to be used – and are widely – quite legally in skincare products. It is widely debated how much of what we apply is absorbed into the body and how far but it is a risk we would rather not take at MAKE Skincare when there are so many amazing ingredients we can use safely. 

None of our products or ingredients used are either tested on animals or animal derived.