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Mary Temperley Interview | “Make” Mother’s Day Giveaway

Previously the Commercial Director at Temperley London where she worked alongside her sister Alice, Mary Temperley has recently launched Make Skincare - her own range of natural skincare for face and body.

Following the birth of her second son three years ago, Mary decided to leave Temperley London and move to South Somerset with her husband so they could focus on their family. Always interested in the properties of skincare, she dedicated several years to training and researching natural methods of developing products. Initial batches were given to family and friends and with positive feedback and knowledge gathered, Make Skincare was born.

Mary is now mother to three boys, Phoenix 6yrs, Rufus 3yrs, and Flynn 9 months old.

We had a chat with Mary to find out more about her exciting new range and, very generously, she has given us a box of products worth over £100 for one lucky winner – perfect timing for Mother’s Day!

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Top Row:  MAKE Hands Soft – Vanilla, Ylang Ylang and Black Pepper Hand Cream with Avocado, Jojoba and Vitamin E; MAKE Body Tone – Pink Grapefruit Body Oil with Avocado, Apricot, Kiwi Seed and Vitamin E. Bottom Row: MAKE Feet Revive – Lime, Lemon and Lavender Foot Cream with Apricot, Avocado and Beeswax; MAKE Face Glow – Moringa and Rosehip Face Oil with Rose, Sandalwood and Lavender

Tootsa: What inspired you to launch Make Skincare?

Mary: I was inspired to launch Make after discovering what some of our cosmetics contain and being horrified that we are often so ignorant about what is in the products we use every day. I wanted to know what I was putting on just as I like to know what I eat. The best way to guarantee this was to make it myself, so I knew that I was using the best and most natural ingredients possible.  I also wanted to create something that looks pretty on bathroom shelves with no need to hide away in cupboards.

Tootsa: How do you choose the scents and ingredients?

Mary: Ingredients are chosen based on their function – ensuring they are the most beneficial for the specific area of the body they are used on. The scents are only from essential oils – I never use any artificial perfume – and chosen for their actions so rose is great for the face for instance whereas citrus oils and lavender are suited to the feet. Avocado is one of the best, most nutrient rich oils for the body so is in our body products. Of course, they have to also smell delicious as well as being beneficial so it’s about striking the right balance. I have spent years playing around with recipes before I settled on the current range.

Tootsa: The packaging is also exquisite and unusual– who designed that for you?

Mary: I always wanted to create a colourful range and chose my glass jars years ago-matching colour to the essential oils so pink for rose etc. I came up with the concept and drew all the illustrations, working with a graphic designer friend who realised my ideas. She is one half of the company “Sibling and Rival” along with my brother Henry.

Tootsa: There are plans for launching a children’s range – can you tell us anything more about this? 

Mary: I always wanted to do a baby range of gentle oils, body washes and moisturisers. I make products for my children and know they work but need to find the time to launch this, probably not until next year.

Tootsa: You used to work as the commercial director of Temperley, your sisters successful fashion label, what are the benefits of working for a family business?

Mary: I worked with Alice from the inception of Temperley, launched in 2001, when there were just three of us until about three years ago when I had my second son and moved to Somerset.  The benefit of working together is that you know each other so well, your strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes etc. There was an unspoken knowing which you get between siblings, understanding what each other was thinking was very helpful. We were able to support each other during the difficult moments and there is of course, an implicit trust you generally only have with family.

Tootsa: Being a working parent is tricky but also rewarding – how do you manage your work/life balance?

Mary: Being a mum of three boys 6 and under is a challenge while trying to balance a business and a husband working away.  It’s amazing what you can cram into a day if you have to but somehow it works. I have an amazing mum who helps me out and I work odd hours, often when the children are in bed. As a mother, I think you tap into previously unknown strengths to cope with that old cliché of being a multi-tasker. It’s not easy but somehow it works for now.

Tootsa: What do you enjoy doing with your family at the weekends?

Mary: We often go to the South Dorset coast with the boys-Lyme Regis is one of our favourites.  My mum has a horse and cart which we go out on if the weather’s good. You can’t live in Somerset without appreciating the beautiful countryside so we spend as much time as we can outside roaming around trying to burn off the endless amounts of energy our little boys have!

Tootsa: You live in glorious Somerset – a beautiful place to have a holiday, where would you recommend a family visited if on a vacation there?

Mary: I’m biased but I love South Somerset as it somehow feels tucked away and unspoilt but within easy reach of other areas. We have the Somerset Levels where you can walk for miles across wetlands rich with amazing wildlife, lots of pretty villages and interesting places to explore. It is especially good if you are a foodie as there are lots of amazing producers to visit. We are also within half an hour of the gorgeous south Dorset coast or the wilds of Exmoor.

Tootsa: Your parents own a cider farm and distillery called Somerset Cider Brandy Company and Burrow Hill Cider. Do you have a quick recipe you could share with us using cider?

Mary: Cider is a wonderful thing to cook with. A very quick but effective recipe is to smear a chicken with English mustard all over, sprinkle with dried herbs and pour an inch and a half of cider around it. Put in the oven and cook until ready – and you will end up with the most delicious, intensely flavoured  liquid which can be used as a sauce.  Sometimes I thicken it but it is good on its own too.

Tootsa: What would be your perfect gift for Mother’s Day?

Mary: A full body massage would be lovely, a night away or any sort of pampering!

Tootsa: Finally, we know you are a fan of our knitwear but what are your favourites from Tootsa MacGinty’s new SS15 collection?

Mary: I love the African animal jumpers and sweat shirts and the striped denim shorts are adorable!

Here are some of Mary’s favourite Tootsa MacGinty pieces -